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    Lauren DeSanctis, M.S.Ed.



    Dear Students,

    What is happening in our communities, those close and far away, is deeply troubling and provokes complex feelings in all of us. While it may feel like we are really distant and unable to support you in the traditional sense, we remain committed to being a source of comfort and familiarity to you. If you feel like you need support please reach out to us so we can connect over the platform you prefer.

    Most Sincerely,

    Mrs. DeSanctis & All the elementary counselors

    *Please see Parent Resources tab to find resources on how to support our children* 


    Happy Virtual Kindness Week! May 18th-22nd, 2020

    What Does it Mean to be Kind?

    Kindness Week Details

    (For further details see Mrs. Schwam)

    Acts of Kindness

    Bringing Home Hope - Any cards, encouraging posters or other art can be sent directly to Kate Trotter, School Program Director at 610-416-0388. Please contact Mrs. DeSanctis with any questions.



    Dear Families & Students, Hope you are well and healthy!

    Please visit our counselor webpage for student and parent resources:


     I Can Be Happy Right Now!




    NPE School Counseling Program Goals:

    1) Promotes social, emotional, personal growth at each stage of development.
    2) Supports the development of decision making, coping skills and problem solving.
    3) Helps with school and family transitions and changes.
    4) Assists all students to gain understanding of themselves and others. 
    5) Provides opportunities to learn and practice social skills in small group settings.
    6) Highlights PBIS as a foundation for learning.