• Strath Haven Computer Science Courses

    Computer Science Courses Count as a Fine/Applied Arts Credit

    Coding for Web Design (1.0 credit)

    This course is project-based, utilizing numerous Web-based technologies. Students will work individually and in groups to learn and apply HTML and CSS. Students will explore JavaScript, web design, and current topics in web development. They will also be introduced to JavaScript.  As a culminating project, students will have the opportunity to develop a quality website following current trends.


    Advanced Video Game Design (1.0 credit)

    In this self-paced course, the world of computer games will be explored through hands-on applications and modern programming techniques. Students will develop their own game from initial idea through finished product. An integral part of this course will be devoted to the manipulation of input/output devices. Students will also learn how to manipulate 3-D objects, how to use a 3-D camera, and how to manipulate lights in a computer game environment. In short, students will be able to make your own full-fledged computer games, resplendent with sound, 3-D graphics, collision detection, and networking capability. 

    PREREQUISITE: Video Game Design or Intro to Computer Science, although exceptions will be made for students demonstrating certain programming skills and/or experiences in the Video Design environment.


    AP Computer Science Principles (1.0 credit)
    AP Computer Science Principles will introduce you to programming but will also give you an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computing, its breadth of application and its potential for transforming the world we live in. You will experience the beauty and joy of computing.  Bring your interests and passions to this course, so you can solve problems and express creativity.

    PREREQUISITE: Students in grade 9 must have recommendation from 8th grade computer application teacher.


    AP Computer Science A (1.0 credit)

    Write code in JAVA programming languageThis course will emphasize object-oriented programming methodology with an emphasis on problem-solving and algorithmic development and is meant to be the equivalent of a first-semester course in college computer science.  It will also include the study of both static and dynamic data structures, abstraction, and recursion.  After completing this course, students should be able to:

    • Understand and use object-oriented programming with appropriate data structures to solve problems
    • Successfully complete the required AP exam in May.
    • Students will receive a packet via the Google Classroom in June, which must be completed before the start of the course. 

    PREREQUISITE: AP Computer Science Principles or Intro to Computer Science.


    Cyber Security (1.0 credit)

    The Cyber Security course will introduce students to computer and cyber security. Students will learn about how information is safeguarded, vulnerabilities in computer systems, what steps are needed to make sure that information and data is safe, and who has access to personal information. Topics include cyber terrorism, digital forensics, and protecting oneself against cybercrime.


    Intro to Computer Science through App Development and Game Design (1.0 credit)

     This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of computer science, with a focus on basic programming control structures. Students will use JavaScript to create mobile web apps using Code Studio, will work with a Circuit Playground in a Physical Computing unit, and then will progress to Unity3d to create their own games. As a culminating project, students will create a large app, game, or physical computational artifact using JavaScript.