• Sixth Grade - Record yourself reciting the numbers 1-31 in Spanish, then state the times on each of the clocks.  Remember to begin each clock phrase with "Es la" or "Son las" = It is...
    1.  clock   2. clock  
    3.  clock  4.  clock         

    Practice of ER/IR verbs.  State what each person is doing by conjugating an ER/IR verb in the appropriate form.  Use the subjects provided.
     ER IR                                                                                                                                  1. El hombre    2. Miguel      3. Alicia      4. Yo       5.  Tú y yo
    Now, listen to questions about the photos and record your responses. Questions 1-4 (cafeteria) and 5-8 (kitchen).

    cafeteria kitchen

    Log into the "Conversations" box below (type your name) and listen to the six questions and my answers, then record your own answers in order to practice for the Oral Final Exam.  If you finish early, practice the spontaneous questions by logging into the "Conversations" box above in reference to the two situational photos (cafeteria and kitchen).