• PhiladelphiaArea Statistics Teachers Association (PASTA) Meeting

    When:            Thursday,October 17, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    Where:           StrathHaven High School   

                             Room 403

    Best Practices

    §  Daren Starnes –  An alternative assessmentstrategy with several possible benefits: Team Quizzes                        Word Document 


    §  Bob Lochel –  Rock, Paper Scissors and 2-Way Tables


    §  Adam Shrager - Movie Preference Correlations                                                                                                                       Mr. Shrager ‎[ashrager@hvrsd.org]‎
                                            Movie selection student sheet excel Doc

    §  LeighNataro - Data Collection and Normal Distributions

                            Leigh Nataro ‎[mathteacher@entermail.net]‎
                               BuildingDistancesInPaces ExcelDoc                            
                             BuildingPaces FathomDoc
                             Fathom Project Pacing a Normal Distance Word Doc
                             Pacing a Normal Distance.ftm
    §  Brian Forney - Sustainability


    §  BethBenzing -  Making GoodLessons Better: Studying the CLT


    §  Discussion on tips for students toimprove performance on multiple choice questions


     Calendar of Upcoming Events

    ATMOPAV FallConference October 26, 2013 Hatboro Horsham High School

    More information at www.atmopav.com


    Beth Benzing




    Agenda   agenda ATMOPAV presentation for fal 2013.docx


    ·       Jigsawand Educreations

                      Jigsaw. pdf

    ·       Bingo  TPS4e pg 504 Activity Calculator bingo


    ·       Zvs T  TPS4e Resource Binder

                        z vs t.ftm

    ·       CI     ConfidenceIntervals.docx                                                                                                                                                     


    ·       PAincomes

                         PA family incomes.ftm