Homework Policy
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    Developing good study habits and completing daily homework assignments is a critical component of becoming a successful student. The fifth grade team expect all students to be prepared each and every day with their assignments. Homework is a strategy that aids students to make the most of their school experience. It is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class and to deepen their understanding of the content.
    Homework will be assigned everyday with due dates. If a student misses a homework assignment they will be given a missed homework slip to be signed by the parent and returned to school the next day.
    If a student is absent from class, you will have up to the number of days absent to turn in the assignment that you missed, unless there are extenuating circumstances. It is the student's responsibility to show me late or missed work at an appropriate time.
    If at anytime you see that your child does not understand an assignment or is struggling to finish an assignment, please send me an email or a note to school the next day and I will review it in class. It is important to have positive home to school communication so every student succeeds!