• 7th Grade Learning Support


    Welcome to Learning Support! Learning Support is a period when students will work on the following:

    1) Agendas will be reviewed and checked daily

    2) Executive Functioning Skills will be reviewed focusing on time management, planning, and organization

    3) Math skills will be reviewed

    4) Language Arts skills will be reviewed

    5) Any additional time left will be reserved for homework, review of concepts taught in content area classes, test and quiz preparation, and/or help with long term projects.

    **** Please Note: Students will be receiving instruction in supplemental Math, Language Arts, and Executive Functioning skills during this time. Students are expected to complete homework at home, and utilize Learning Center for additional help as necessary. All students are welcome to schedule time for extra help after school from 2:30pm -3:05pm. ****

    Students are graded based on a point system. Points will be posted every week.  Points are gained the following ways:

    1 Point- Agenda book complete

    1 Point- Working full time period/on task

    1 Point- Prepared for class

    1 Point- Being respectful and cooperative

    Please remember to check your child's agenda nightly. Additionally, please remember to check the grade portal on the district website regularly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at lpetruzzi@wssd.org or at (610) 892-3470 ext. 7209, or via Google Voice (during Virtual instruction): 484-734-0612. I look forward to a successful 2020-2021 school year!