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    1.    A small pencil case or box

    2.  Two dozen sharpened # 2 pencils

     3.  A glue stick and a pair of scissors

     4.  A box of colored pencils, crayons, and markers

     5.  A small pencil sharpener with a container

     6.  2 boxes of tissues

     7.  2 boxes of disinfectant wipes ( Clorox or Lysol)

     8.  One headphone set put in a labeled Ziploc bag.

     9.  2 plastic (2 pocket) folders with strong covers

     10. 1 small box of fine expo markers (Pack of 4)

     11. Boys- Paper Towels

     Girls- Liquid Hand Soap

     12. Boys-Ziploc Easy Zipper Gallon Bags

             Girls-Ziploc Easy Zipper Quart Bags

                                           Thank You!!!