7th Grade Math Supply List


    The following materials are required for all 7th grade Math classes:

    • 2 single-subject spiral notebooks (one per semester)
    • 3-ring pencil pouch (large enough to hold pencils and calculator)
    • Folder specifically for Math
    • Pencils/erasers
    • TI-30X IIS scientific calculator
    • XL Book cover


    In addition to the above materials (with the exception of the scientific calculator), those students who are taking Accelerated Math 7/8 need the following materials:

    • Graph paper
    • Any TI-84 version of graphing calculator





    Parents:  If anyone wishes to donate Expo Markers to the Classroom, our students use personal white boards and markers to solve problems. This is a ton of fun for the students!

    We appreciate your help!!

    Thanks ~Ms. Devlin