•                                                                                                     Mrs. Laird
    Social Studies 
        Class Overview

    Welcome to a new and exciting year at SHMS. I am thrilled to be a part of the Strath Haven family and community, and I hope to come to know each of you very well.  This is a special year for your children.  It is the beginning of their career at SHMS, meeting new friends, and developing life long skills to help prepare them for the future.

    Purpose of the Class – The sixth grade social studies program focuses on World Geography and Ancient Civilizations.  We will learn how and why civilizations developed and their contributions to society.  As with any social studies course, the ultimate goal is to help students learn about their past so they can become knowledgeable and active citizens.

    Units of Study – The sixth grade curriculum is ancient civilizations and world geography.  We will explore ancient cultures and the lasting impact of these early civilizations on our world today.

    Homework – Homework will be assigned one to two times per week.  It consists of written and/or reading work.  There will also be several long-term assignments and assessments.  All homework is posted on the 6th grade Google calendar, but students are responsible for writing their homework in their agenda and bringing the material home with them.

    Grading – My grading policy is based on a point system.  Each assignment will be worth a designated amount of points.

    All graded work is posted on the Parent/Student Portal. Please check the grade portal regularly.


    Homework Policy

    Daily assignments turned in during class on the due date may earn full credit.  Students will be permitted to hand in a missed assignment for partial credit up to one week late.  Projects are expected to be turned in during class on the due date for full credit.  If a project is turned in late, points will be deducted from the total score.  

    Absent students will not be penalized unless the assigned work is not turned in at all.  Please contact me via email or written note if there are circumstances that prevent your child from completing his/her assignment.

    Class Rules – My class rules are simple. Respect yourself.  Respect your peers and teachers.  Respect your school, family, and community.  Be responsible for yourself and take responsibility for your actions.  Use your common sense.  Be on time or have a pass. Be prepared for class and always do your best.     

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or problems.  With your help we can make sixth grade an exciting and rewarding experience.


    Wendy Laird