This daily reading class  will focus on reading fluency and content area comprehension.  Students will complete a "cold reading" at the beginning of each week and then a "hot reading" at the end of the week. Results will be compared to ensure weekly progress. Lessons will focus on strategies that will help students to better comprehend content area material.

    Progress grades are based on the "hot" readings that are at the end of each lesson. The class fluency goal is 200 correct words per minute.  This number means that students will have a fluency rate of 90%.  If a student reads at 100 CWPM, that gives them 100/200 which is a 50%. Grades are also based on comprehension assessments and weekly class participation.
    **Students will also work on the web based program, iready, once a week. This program will target specific skills based on a student diagnostic test. ***

    Overview of Read to Achieve

    Comprehending Content Area Text and Narrative Test
    In Read to Achieve: Comprehending Content Area Text, students work daily with content examples that reflect the structure and layout of popular science and social studies texts. The level of direct teacher guidance provided to the students begins strong and is gradually phased out as students demonstrate the ability to independently select and apply appropriate comprehension strategies for the content they are reading. In the final units of this module students stop using the example text provided in the Content Reader

    It also includes decoding sections and fluency sections for each lesson. This will help with the difficult subject area words that are often hard for students to pronounce.

    The comprehension  is mainly based on strategies, pre-reading text connections, graphic organizers, word definitions, and assessment questions.

    Reading progress will be tracked based on research based materials and assessments using the following benchmarks:

    1.The student will show consistent improvement in fluency (Words Correct Per Minute) between a first read and second read.

    2. The student will achieve a fluency rate of 200 correct words per minute on 5 consecutive readings.

    3. The student will score 7 out of 8 on comprehension based assessments – 5 out of 6 probes per marking period.

    4.The student will achieve an 85% on unit assessments- 3 consecutive assessments

    30% Comprehension Assessment
    30% End of Unit Assessments
    15% Hot Read Progress
    25% Participation 
    More information on Read to Achieve can be found at https://www.mheonline.com/assets/sra_download/ReadToAchieve/MoreInfo/RTA%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf