Social Studies Essay Question


    At the end of the second quarter, the eighth grade teachers in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language will be asked for their recommendations for placement of the eighth grade students at the High School in Honors, College Prep or Career College Prep.  I like to think that I look at the whole student when making that recommendation.  The factors I consider include classwork, homework, participation in class, timeliness of homework and projects, missed assignments, class average, and class average on testing.


    With the advent of tiered testing at SHMS, the leveled test that a student chooses to take is a paramount consideration for me in making this recommendation.   If a student wishes to be considered for Honors level placement in Social Studies at the high school next year, that student must take the challenge level test otherwise known as the Black Level Test.  There are eight such tests given throughout the year. Please note that merely taking the test does not guarantee an Honors level placement.  I look at that test average as well as the other factors listed above. 




    Write an essay answering the question stated below.  You may prepare your answer prior to the test.  If you choose to answer the essay ahead of time, you may use any sources you wish in preparing your answer. Of course, you may not plagiarize sources.  This is your work. ALL ESSAYS MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN.COM.  If you choose not to prepare the essay ahead of time, you must complete the essay during the testing period and you will not be allowed to use any outside sources.  Partially completed essays are not accepted.  In other words, you cannot start the essay answer at home and complete it during the test. If you do not submit an essay through Tiutnitin.com you will not be permitted to submit test corrections.


     I do take off points for spelling and grammar errors. I will make those expectations clear in class.  Remember you are turning in a piece of your writing to a teacher and you are saying to a teacher, this is my best work.

     I encourage you to use a graphic organizer to prepare your essay.  This will also be reviewed in class during our review session. Your essay must be at least 5 paragraphs and in MLA format.




    Describe the conflict over representation in the new Congress to be created by the Constitutional Convention.  Make sure you describe the sides that were involved, their proposals for representation and how the question of representation was resolved including each house that was created.  Your answer must be at least five paragraphs.



    What else to study:

              1. Your Notes

              2.  Constitution Convention

              3.  Washington and Adams Presidencies 

              4. Discovery Ed Sections

                    a. 4.2

                    b. 5.1

                    c. 5.2

              5.  Use this Graphic Organizer:  Graphic Organizer and watch this video:  Convention Video

              6.  Look at these:

                   a. The Federalist Era Part I

                   b. The federalist Era Part II

              7.  Use this to study: Federalist Kushball