• Overview

    Framework For Curriculular Review

     Vertical Teams are an integral part of the framework cycle for continuous improvement. Teams work collaboratively on each phase of the cycle.
     2018-2019 Vertical Team Phases:
    Art: Review Phase Begins
    Music: Review Phase Begins
    Social Studies (Elementary): Review Begins
    Computer Science (7-12): Review & Development 
    Social Studies (Secondary): Implementation/Development/Monitoring Phases (see Social Studies Curriculum Page for Up-to-Date Information)
    Guidance (k-12): Implementation Phase
    Science (k-12): Monitoring Phase 
    Math (k-8): Monitoring - Continued Professional Development and Data Analysis
    ELA (k-12): Monitoring - Continued Professional Development and Data Analysis
    Upcoming Vertical Teams
    PE/Health 2019-2020 
    Family Consumer Science 2019-2020