• Kindergarten Guidance Lesoons

    Lesson #1  Introduction to Guidance Counselor/Personal Space
                       Personal Space Pictures by Ted Baker
                       Practice personal space
                       Learn about hula hoop bubbles
    Lesson #2  Whole Body Listening
                       Read, Whole Body Listening Larry by Elizabeth Sautter
                       Worksheet Activity: Matching where you whole body listen with body parts
    Lesson #3  Identifying Feelings
                       Read, The Way I Feel by Janin Cain
                       Indentify feelings expression and body language in picture cards
                       Worksheet Activity: Draw feeling faces
    Lesson #4  Recognizing Anger
                      Read, Cool Down and Work Through Anger by Cheri J Meiners
                      Picture card identifying feelings
                      Worksheet Actvity: Draw on person where you feel uncomfortable feelings
                      Practice calming techniques: breathing and counting
    Lesson #5  Emotional Regulation
                      Tucker the turtle video
                      Practice calming techniques with sensory toys
                      Worksheet: Color Calming Techniques/Make Stop Sign
    Lesson #6  Joining In
                      Read, Join In Play by Cheri Meiners
                      Worksheet activity
                      Practiced joining in with toys
    Lesson #7  Tattling vs. Reporting
                       Read, Don't Squel Unless it is a Big Deal by Jeanie Fraiz Ransom
                       Sorting game of scenarios: When to tell and when tattling
    Lesson #8  Using Kind Words
                       Read, Words are Not for Hurting by Elizabeth Verdict
                       Pratice kind word vs unkind words
                       Worksheet Activity: Kind vs. unkind pictures
    Lesson #9   Filling People Buckets
                       Read, Bucket Filling from A to Z by Carol McCloud
                       Worksheet Activity: Color Bucket Filling
                       Bucket Filling song
    Lesson #10 Bullying and Using your Assertive Voice
                       Read, Jungle Bullies by Steven Kroll
                       Pratice Assertive words
                       Worksheet Activity: kindness
    Lesson #11 Respecting Differences
                       Read, The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane Derolf
                       Make a big list of what makes us different and the same
                       Art Activity: Why am I special crayon?
    Lesson #12 Calming Techniques/Mindfulness
                       Read, Charlotte and her Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin
                       Art activity: Draw your quiet place
    Lesson #13 Kindness: Read Book: What Does it Mean to be Kind
                      Read, What Does it Mean to be Kind by Rana DiOrio
                      Worksheet Activity: Kindness
     Lesson #14 Making and Sharing Friends
                       Read, How to Loose Your Friends by Nanson Carlson
                       Friends Video brain pop
                       Worksheet activity: What is a friend?