• 5th Grade Guidance Lessons

    Lesson #1 and #2 Introduction to Character Traits/Identifying Strengths
                 Powerpoint, What are our 24 Character Traits
                 Complete Charcater Traits Questionaire in your Guidance Google Classroom to figure out what is alot like you, somewhat like you, not like you
                 Videos on Character: Lewis in the Lion, Famous People's Character Traits ,The Hoyt Family, 
    Lesson #3 Identifying Strengths in Classmates
                 Assigned a classmate to make a write up describing three of their character traits
                     Recognizing Strength in Classmate
    Lesson #4 and #5 Multiple Intelligences: career Lesson
                 Complete a Google Classroom Questionnaire on Interests
                 Powerpoint, What is our 8 Intelligences 
                 Videos on Multiple intelligences
    Lesson #6 Cyberbullying
                Powerpoint on cyberbullying and internet safety
                Videos on cyberbullies and internet safety
                Read, Cell Phoney by Julia Cook
    Lesson #7 and #8 Botvin: Self- Esteem and Grit 
                Powerpoint on grit
                Complete Grit questionnaire
                Videos on grit
                Read, Salt in His Shoes by Michael Jordan
                Botvin workbook activity
                   Worksheet #1 Short Term Goals
                   Worksheet #2 Long Term Goals
                Create your own goals in Google Classroom
    Lesson #9 Positive Psychology the Negativity Bias and Gratitude
                Powerpoint, What is the Negativity Bias
                Exercises on Thinking Positive
                     Events in My Life: Good Events vs. Bad Events
                     Blessings Worksheet
                Videos on the benefits of positivity
                Assignment: Complete a gratitude journal for 5 days
    Lesson #10 Botivin Decision Making and Smoking
                 Powerpoint, What is Decision Making and Smoking Information
                 Botvin Workbook Activity,  
                       #4 What Decision Would You Make
                       #5 Smoking Laws 
                 Video on Vaping
    Lesson #11 Botvin Stress Management
                Powerpoint, What is Stress, study skills, and test taking techniques
                Brainpop, What is Stress
                Read, The Anti Test Anxiety Society by Julia Cook
                Botvin Workbook Activity:
                     #11 Brainstorming Stress through the ages
                     #12 Time-Wasters Inventory
                     #13 Time Management Calendar
      Lesson #12 Botvin Communication Skills 
                Powerpoint, What is Communication: Passive Listening vs. Active Listening
                Botvin Workbook Activity:
                      #15 Passive Listening
                      #16 Active Listening
    Lesson #13 Bovin Social Skills Conflict resolution
                 Powerpoint, Conflict Styles: Avoidance, Confrontation, and Problem Solving
                 Complete Botvin Workbook
                       #18 Conflict Styles
                        #19 How do the scenarios end
                 Video on Conflict resolution
    Lesson #14 Assertiveness
                Powerpoint, Standing up for Your Rights
                Complete Botvin Workbook activity
                    #21 Which is It
                    #22 How Do You React
    Lesson #15 Middle School Transition
                 Explore Clubs in the Middle School
    Lesson #16 Career Inventory
                 Take Career Interest Survey
                 Learn Careers as a result of your interest