• 4th Grade Guidance Lessons 

    Lesson #1Review Role of Guidance Counselor:
                       Powerpoint, Ways to Be a Bucket Filler vs. a Bucket Dipper
                       Read, Growing up with a Bucket Full of Happiness by Carol Mc Cloud
                       Video, Pay it Forward
                       Worksheet activity: Paying it Forward
    Lesson #2:  The Do's and Don't of Friendship
                        Powerpoint, What are positive friendship qualities vs. negative qualities?
                            When is it a conflict vs.when is it bullying?
                            Identifying face to face vs. behind the back bullying
                        Read, Our Friendship Rules by Peggy Moss and Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig
    Lesson #3:   Don't Feed the Monster
                         Powerpoint, Self-esteem: Negatvity and being on inner critic
                         Make a big list of ways use our inner critic
                         Read, Don't Feed the Monster on Tuesday by Adolph Moser
                         Worksheet activity: Examining our strengths and what we were working on
    Lesson #4: Put Downs Hurt: Examined how put downs are a form of bullying and what we can do to be a friend
                         Shared personal experiences with put downs anonymously
                         Toothpaste Activity: You cannot take putdowns back
                         Learned saying: Think Before You Speak
                                    T:  Is it True?
                                    H: Is it Helpful?
                                    I:  Is it inspiring?
                                    N: Is it Necessary?
                                    K: Is it Kind?
                         Powerpoint, How to respond to put downs: Assertive, Aggressive, Passive
    Lesson #5:  Controlling Rumors: What are Rumors
                        Powerpoint, Rumors
                        Read, Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig
                        Worksheet activity: How to block and respond to rumors
    Lesson #6  Botvin Self-Esteem
                       Power Point, Protecting your Lid
                       Continued to read, Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness
                           Using your Lid to protect yourself Facts of Living
                       Botvin Workbook activity:
                          # 1 Three of a kind friendship activity
    Lesson #7: Cyber Bullying
                       Videos on Cyberbullying and cyber safety
                       Botvin workbook activity
                          #13 Ways We Communicate Verbally and Non-verbally
    Lesson #8  Botvin Decision Making/Smoking Information Effects of smoking
                       Powerpoint, Decision Making and Effects of Smoking 
                          Decision Making: Stop, Think, Go
                          Smoking direct and indirect influence
                          Exercisess and visuals to learn effects of smoking
                        Botvin Workbook activity:
                            #3 Direct and indirect influences of decision making
                            #4 My Graphic Organizer and #15 Healthy Heart and Smoking Rates
    Lesson #9 and 10 Botvin Stress Management
                     Powerpoint, Stress
                     Video Stress Brainpop
                     Read, Don't Pop your Cork on Mondays by Adoph Moser
                              I am Stretched by Julia Cook
                     Botvin Workbook activity:
                          #10 My Stressors list
                          #11 How do I Deal with Stress
                          Practice relaxation techniques:
                             Guided Imagery
                             Progressive muscle relaxation
    Lesson #11 Botvin Social Skills/Assertiveness
                       Powerpoint, Peer Pressure 
                       Video Peer Pressure Brainpop
                       Read, My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig
                       Botvin Workbook activities:
                         #15 Where to go for Help about Peer Pressure 
                         #17 Using I Statements
    Lesson #12 Accepting Imperfection:Mistakes Make me Quake
                       Power point from curriculums Don't Quake if You Make a Mistake by Dawn Huebner
                       Read, Too Perfect by Trudy Ludwig
                       Art project: Make mantra signs
    Lesson #13 What to do if you Grumble too Much
                      Powerpoint form Curriculum What do you Do if You Grumble too Much by Dawn Huebner
                      Read, Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig
                      Sorting activity of positive and negative thoughts
    Career Lessons
    Lesson #14: Career Inventory 
                   Complete career interest inventory
                   Learn careers based on interests
    Lesson #15: Personality Quiz
                   Complete personality questionnaire
                   Learn personality type based on your sequence of letters