• Lesson Plans:
    Lesson #1: Review Role of Guidance Counselor:
                Ways to Be a Bucket Filler vs. a Bucket Dipper
                Read, Growing up with a Bucket Full of Happiness by Carol Mc Cloud
    Lesson #2: The Do's and Don't of Friendship
                   What are positive friendship qualities vs. negative qualities?
                   When is it a conflict vs. when is it bullying?
                   Identifying face to face vs. behind the back bullying
                   Read, Our Friendship Rules by Peggy Moss and Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig
    Lesson #3:  Don't Feed the Monster:
                       Talked about our brain talking to us and being on inner critic
                       Examined ways that we put ourselves down
                       Read book, Don't Feed the Monster on Tuesday by Adolph Moser
                      Completed a worksheet examining our strengths and things we were still working on
    Lesson #4 : Put Downs Hurt: Examined how put downs are a form of bullying and what we can do to be a friend
    How to respond to put downs
    Lesson #5: Controling Rumors
       Read, Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig
       Learned how to block and respond to rumors
    Lesson #6: Protecting your Lid
                   Continued to read, Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness:  Using your Lid to protect yourself
                   Facts of Living
    Lesson #7: Cyber Bullying