• Lesson Plans:
    Lesson #1 Introduction to the Guidance Counselor
       How to Make Friends/Qualities of a Friend/ Friendship Conflicts
    Lesson #2 How to Join In/How to Make a Conversation
    Lesson #3 Teasing vs. Bullying: Learn when is it teasing and when is it bullying
    Lesson #4 Worry Less/Stress Management
    Lesson #5 Put Down/Bucket Filler
    Lesson #6 Standing Up to Bullying by being Assertive/Responding to Put-Downs
    Read, Simon Hook: A story about teases and put-downs
       Instead of Biting:Ways to Respond to Bugs instead of biting
          1. Do Little or Nothing (don't react)
          2. Agree with the hook
          3. Distrct the Fisherman (change the subject)
          4. Laurgh or Make a Joke
          5. Stay Away from the hooks
          (swim to another part fo the sea)
    Lesson #7 Bystanders are a part of the Solution