• 3rd Grade Guidance Lessons

    Lesson #1 Botvin Social Skills
                     Powerpoint:  How to Make Friends/Qualities of a Friend/ Friendship Conflicts
                     Read, The Hate Book by Charlotte Zolotow
                     Botvin Workbook activity:
                        #16 What makes or does not make you a friend
    Lesson #2 Character Traits Tree: 
                      Students learn about positive and negative character traits in the classroom
                      Art activity: Make a class character traits tree:
                         decorate and share one positive and negative character trait. 
    Lesson #3 Botvin Self Esteem
                     Self Esteem video
                     Botvin workbook activity:
                        #1 Things I Can Do 
                        #2  Look What I Can Do!
                      Read, The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig
    Lesson #4 Botvin Communication: How to Join In/How to Make a Conversation
                     Video on joining in
                     Model conversation step
                     Practice conversation
                     Botvin workbook activity:
                         #14 What is Communication
    Lesson #5 Botvin: Decision Making
                      Learn skill Stop Think Go
                      Botvin workbook activity:
                          #4 What Decision Would You Make
    Lesson #6 Sportsmanship: What is good sportsmanship vs. bad sportsmanship
                       Read, Winners Never Win and Quitters Never Quit by Julia Cook
                       Sorting Game of Good Sportsmanship vs. Bad Sportsmanship
                       Video on sportsmanship
    Lesson #7 Botvin Smoking
                       Introduction to smoking
                       Botvin Workbook activity
                          #6 To Smoke or not to Smoke
     Lesson #8 Teasing vs. Bullying: Learn when is it teasing and when is it bullying
                       Read, Tease Monster by Julia Cook 
                       Sorting game of good and bad tease
    Lesson #9: Using Your Social Filter: Learn when we should share our thought, filter it, and keep it in our heads
                        Powerpoint, Social Filter
                        Read, Helpful Hank by Donna Earhardt
                        Sorting Game of scenarios when we should share our thought, filter it, and keep it in our heads
    Lesson #10 and #11 Botvin Stress Management
                       Powerpoint, Introduction to stress
                       Read, Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook
                       Botvin workbook activity:
                          #11 How do You Feel
                          #12 High Stress Survey
                       Practice stress management skills: deep breathing, happy place. tighten the tension
    Lesson #12 Botvin Assertiveness Skills
                       Powerpoint, Assertiveness
                       Read, Simon Hook: A story about teases and put-downs
                       Instead of Biting:Ways to Respond to Bugs instead of biting
                          1. Do Little or Nothing (don't react)
                          2. Agree with the hook
                          3. Distract the Fisherman (change the subject)
                          4. Laugh or Make a Joke
                          5. Stay Away from the hooks
                          (swim to another part of the sea)
                        Botvin Workbook activity:
                           #20 No Copying Allowed 
     Lesson #13 Bullying 
                       Powerpoint, Bystanders are a part of the Solution
                       Videos: Bystanders are a Part of the Solution
                       Read, Say Something by Peggy Moss
                       Sorting activity:Part of the Solution vs. Part of the Problem
    Career Lessons
    Lesson #14 Personal Responsibilities and Habits at Home and School
                       Personal Responsibilities Questionnaire
                       Worksheet activity What are your responsibilities?
    Lesson #15 Career Clusters
                       Career Interest Survey
                       Powerpoiint of career options based on interest categories