2nd Grade Guidance Lessons

    Lesson #1: What is the Role of the Guidance Counselor/Whole Body Listening/Skills for Learning

                    Read, Whole Body Listening Larry at School by Kristen Wilson

                     Brain game

                     Worksheet activity
    Lesson #2: Empathy
                      Powerpoint, What is Empathy
                      Read, Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts
                      Video on empathy Sesame Street
                      Worksheet activity: Show about Empathy
    Lesson #3: Do and don't of Playground Behavior
                      Read, Recess Queen by Alexis O'neill
                      Powerpoint, What is Bullying
                      Sorting Game: Sort scenarios playground friend vs. playground
    Lesson #4: Small Problem/Big Problem:
                       Powerpoint, Small, Medium, and Large Problems
                       Make a Self-Talk strip to calm your inner critic
                       Sorting activity small, medium, and large problem
    Lesson #5: Impulse control
                       Read, My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook
                       Worksheet activity: How to stop your volcano
    Lesson #6  Bucket Filling vs. Bucket Dipping
                       Read, How to Fill a Bucket by Carol McCloud
                       Videos on bucket filling
                       Worksheet activity: How I can fill a bucket 
    Lesson #7  Sportsmanship and Cooperation 
                       Powerpoint, What is Sportsmanship 
                       Read, Sally Sore Loser by Frank Sileo
                       Sorting Game: sportsmanship vs. not sportsmanship
    Lesson #8: Introducing Emotion Management and Learning Coping Skills to Manage your Feelings
                      Powerpoint, Emotionlal Management
                          Steps to Emotional Management:
                          Stop Name Your Signal
                          Name Your Feeling
                          Calm down
                      Read, Soda Pop Head by Julia Cook
                      Art project: Make Stop sign
    Lesson #9: Solving a Problem 
                      Problem Solving Video teaching steps of problem solving
                         S:     Say the problem
                         T:     Think of Solutions
                         E:     Explore consequences
                         P:     Pick the best Solution
                       Worksheet activity practicing STEP
    Lesson #10 Respecting Differences 
                        Make a big list of how we are all the same and different
                        Read, Everybody is Different by Todd Parr
                        Read, Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy
                        Read, Don't Laugh at Me by Steven Seskin
                        Watch video, Don't Laugh at Me Video by Peter, Paul and Mary
                        Worksheet activity and sharing of our differences
    Lesson #11  Video Molly's Pilgrim
                        Watch video Molly's Pilgrim
                         Worksheetsheet What are your family traditions
    Lesson #12 Bullying
                       Read, Bully Beans by Julia Cook
                       Watch, Brainpop bullying
                       Worksheet activity: Make a Bullying Shield
    Lesson #13 Self Esteem
                       Read, Bubble Gum Brain by Julia Cook
                       Worksheet activity: Sorting Positive vs. Negative thoughts
    Lesson #14 Tattling vs. Reporting 
                        Read, Sorry by Turdy Ludwig 
                        Sorting game is it tattling or is it bullying
    Lesson #15  Apology
                        Read, Zach Apologizes by Michael Mulcahy
                        Worksheet activity: Learn 4 Square Apology