• 1st Grade Guidance Lessons

    Lesson #1 Introduction to the Guidance Counselor/Buddy Bench
    Lesson #2  Personal Space
                      ASCA Standards: PS:A1,7
                      Read, Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook
                      Practice personal space
    Lesson #3 What is Tattling and what is Reporting Bullying
                     ASCA Standards: PS:B1.PS: A2.6, 7
                     Read, A Bad Taste of Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook
                     Worksheet activity: Report or Tattling
     Lesson #4 Recognizing Feelings
                     ASCA Standards: PS:A1.5
                     Read, Today I feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis
                     Identify feelings in picture cards by facial expression and body language
                     Worksheet Activity: Draw feelings 
                     Emotions video Brain and song
    Unit on Emotional Management
    Lesson # 5  Introduction to Anger/Where do you Feel your Anger
                   ASCA Standards: PSC1.10
                   BrainPop Anger
                   Worksheet Activity: Where do I feel my Anger
                   Read, Sometimes I am Bombaloo by Rachel Vail
     Lesson #5 Anger Triggers: What makes my Volcano Burst
                   ASCA Standards:PS:C1.10
                   Read, When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry by Molly Bang
                   Worksheet Activity: What makes me angry and what happens
      Lesson #6  Anger Tools: Make Your Own Turtle to help Calm Down
                  ASCA Standards: PS:C1.11PS  A1 8. 9.PS A2.6 . 7
                 Tucker the Turtle slide show
                 Practice turtle steps to calm down
                           Go inside your shell
                           Take 3 deep breaths
                           Think of a plan
                Art Project begin making turtle
     Lesson #7  Continue Turtle Tools
                 ASCA Standards: PS:C1.11PS  A1 8. 9.PS A2.6 . 7
                 Tucker the Turtle slide show
                 Read, When I feel Angry by Corneilia Spelman
                       The Grouchies by Debbie Wagenbach
                 Finish art project turtle
                 Work on making a plan: Learn calming techniques and write two choices that work for you on your turtle
      Lesson #8 Empathy and Respecting Differences
               ASCA Standards: PS:A1 1,2, PS: A2 1,2,3,4,5,6.7,8
               Video by Mr. Rogers on empathy
               Read, Odd Velvet by Mary E. Whitcomb
                       Who Ever You Are by Mem Fox
              Worksheet Activity: Dove how do you show empathy?
    Friendship and Bullying
    Lesson #10 Making Friends and Friendship Rules
              ASCA Standards: PS.A2.8PS A1.8 PS A1 10
              Read, Friends by Rob Lewis
              Read, The Art of Making Friends by Julia Cook
              Do's and Don't Friendship Posters: What is thumbs up vs. Thumbs down
              Worksheet Activity: My friendship promise
     Lesson #11 I Statements
             ASCA Standards: PS A2.6,7,8A: A2.313.2.3 A
             Second Step Picture Cards
             Practice making I statements
             Worksheet activity on I Statements
             BrainPop Empathy
     Lesson #12 Wemberly Worried
           ASCA Standards:PS:C1.6,10,1
           Read, Wemberly Worries by Kevin Henkes
           Worksheet activity:What is my worry?
    Lesson #13 Learning to Make Mistakes
           ASCA Standards: A:A1.2, 3, 4, 5A:A2.2,3
           Read, Zach Hangs in there by William Mucahly 
           Worksheetactivity sorting activity positive vs. Negative Self-talk
     Lesson #14 Self Esteem: Self Esteem Flower
           ASCA Standards: S:A1.1PS:A1.10 PS:A2.3,4,5
           Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon
           Art activity: make your own self-esteem flower 
    Lesson #15 Kindness and Respecting Differences
            ASCA Standards: C:A1.4PS:A2 13.1.3 A,E
            How to Fill a Bucket by Carol McCloud
            Worksheet Activity how I can fill a bucket