• WSSD iPad App Request Process

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    WSSD iPad Evaluation and Request Process

    Using iPad apps with your students starts with searching and evaluating apps. Before downloading and installing an app, it's a good idea to learn all that you can about that app to determine if it's right for your objectives. Below are a few resources to help you make the best decision about which apps to use.
    Once you've selected an app, you will need to complete the WSSD iPad App Request Form to your principal for approval.
    Please download and save the PDF writeable form to your computer for future use. The form in also available on the U Drive in the technology resources folder.
    If you are requesting apps for a shared cart, they will be installed manually by your building technical support specialist. If you are requesting apps for individuals iPads managed by Meraki, the app will remotely pushed out to your iPad for you to complete installation. Most apps should be installed within 3-5 days, however that will vary from building-to-building. Funding for paid apps is determined by principals and/or departments/grade levels. For more information about apps and your iPad user group, click here.  
    Do not purchase and download apps under a personal Apple ID. 

    What is the App Store? 

    App Store
    "The App Store is an online Apple Store, like iTunes, that allows users to download and/or buy software that runs on Apple devices running the iOS operating system. The App Store functions much like the iTunes Store, and is integrated with iTunes to deliver content to devices and for purchases. The same iTunes account used for iTunes purchases is used for the App Store." Definition courtesy of www.about.com. 
    If you are used to browsing for apps using an iTunes account on your computer, you will find that it's a different experience through the App Store app on your iPad.  Keep in mind, that while you may explore and test apps unders your personal iTunes account and device (s),  the tech in your building will be responsible for downloading and syncing any apps under the district's Apple ID.
    First time uisng the App store app for you iPad, click for a quick tour.

    Types of Apps

    Searching the web or the app store you will notice that are some many different kinds of apps available. How are they organized? Which ones are best for educators and students?
    Generally speaking, most apps found in the classroom can be organized like this:
    Productivity Apps - These apps help with planning, organizing, locating, tracking, and sharing information. Some are reinventions of websites designed for tablet use. Examples: calendar, camera, reminders, maps, My Big Campus, Moodle, Dropbox, etc.
    Reference - These apps support research and news. Some are interactive with images, videos, and games. Examples: encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesarus, search engines, internet browsers, etc.
    Instructional - These apps provide a tactile learning experience from drill and practice to in-depth, higer-order thinking activities. Most are interactive and have some gaming component. Examples: iTunes U, NASA, Google Earth, Math Bingo, iBooks, etc.
    Media Consumption - These are apps that deliver videos, music, or provide access to such. Examples: YouTube, Discovery Education, Brain Pop, Netflix, etc.
    Creativity - These apps allow students to create their own stuff from digital stories, slideshows, music, images, and games. Examples: Sock Puppets, iMovie, Story Buddy, Prezi, etc.
    These categories can be broken down even more as many offer a variety of experiences for children.


    Finding valuable apps for teachers

    Finding the right app can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many websites out there that can help teachers identify the best apps to use in the classroom.

    Teachers can quickly view possible apps by subject area, just for teachers, just for kids, special education and more when you're in the iTunes store on your computer or App store on your iPad.

    iTunes Education
    Collections found in iTunes.

    AppyMall has done the work for you. Browse there the collections for free apps, special needs, best apps, ebooks, and more. You can even try apps before you buy.    

    Appitic organize apps by specific themes within subject areas like K-12, preschool, special education, Bloom's, NETS, and ELL. This is especially helpful for finding apps to specific tasks.



    AppShopper tracks and monitors apps, updates, and prices. You can view online or by installing the iPad app. With an account you can create a wish list and a recieve notifications of sales or download directly from iPad app.



    This site provides a list of apps organized into key learning areas. Most apps have been explained and reviewed.   




    This site provided categorized lists of apps along with reviews, news on the latest apps, and more.   
    From Common Sense Media, a review and ratings systems for website and apps.