•   Block 3 Assignment March 17th
    Using the page links featured on this page, you will explore what I know and have researched concerning Bradbury's commentary on education (your paper), reading, libraries, and censorship. Yes, you will need headphones for this!
    Go to the author's website at RayBradbury.com (a site managed and maintained by his publisher)

    Explore, if you wish, but you must access the various video clips of the many interviews that he's done over the years, especially the interviews concerning the Internet, censorship/Television, and education. There is also a clip of Bradbury discussing a rather unpleasant encounter with the police in the clip entitled "Bradbury on Fahrenheit 451".
    Go to NEA's Big Read for Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

    1. Watch the short video interviewing Bradbury concerning his work (7 min). If you desire, there is a longer version (22 min).  Make certain to take note of the importance of books and libraries as well as the character Clarisse.
    2. From there, access the audio guide (podcast) for the book. It's a series of interviews of writers who have been impacted by the book. Either read the audio transcript or listen to the podcast (30 min).
    3. Just as with the poetry group work exercise,  explore the site from the Reader's Guide link. Be sure to note the historical context of the work and the history that influenced the work, the aspects of Bradbury's life and writing career that influenced this work and these characters, and lastly, the impact of this work on the reader.
    Today's activity should help to generate ideas for the Bradbury commentary paper as well as prompt a review for the dystopian fiction test on Friday.