• Bradbury's overall theme for his seminal text Fahrenheit 451 is the importance of independent thought and intellectual freedom. He felt that man's continued dependence on technology would stifle his creative outlets and compromise his intellect.

    The Bradbury paper is a persuasive and informative work about one piece of advanced technology that may have adversely affected humans and promises to continue to adversely affect humans because of their misuse or their abuse.


    The Bradbury paper can also focus on one area of criticism that has so far proven to be unfounded.
    For example, the use of calculators in schools was originally discouraged, claiming that students would become lazy and would not know the basic math to perform the computations without the use of calculators has been largely unfounded.


    Think: Where are Bradbury's concerns most reflective in today's society concerning the use of technology in education?
    Topics for consideration:    Explore no more than one key area within any topic.


    1.      calculators in math class; where and, possibly, how has its use weakened students' computation skills

    2.      computer/Internet based reading vs. physical books (medium ofpresentation)

    3.      lost library skills (Dewey decimal system) vs. Internet researchskills,

    4.       the impact of digital clocks on the skill of telling time

    6.      social implications of technology (cultivating relationships)

    7.      spell check (hindrance or help)


    Potential Thesis statements:


    Given the promise of a potentially detrimental future, man’s obsession with ___________ is not so bad  OR


    Given man’s obsession with __________, his ultimate downfall is assured.


    Research essay due October 26th:

    Your writing should focus on the following areas:

    • How is the invention useful to us (mankind) today?
    • How did its initial conception promise to help mankind's future?
    • How has it helped to shape the present (and /or future)?
    • At what expense does (did) its usefulness cost/impact man's present and future?

                Expectations:  a little research is necessary

                                        Bibliography and / or works cited page

                                        MLA format