• Spelling??

    A whole page devoted to spelling?! 
    Y not? 
    Word Tree  
    The best way to improve your vocabulary (and your spelling) is to learn the Greek and Latin roots of English words.
    More Greek and Latin roots.  Thank you, Wikipedia.
    And when all else fails, good ol' dictionary.com always comes through.
    Good Games:
    Spelling Central (input your own words!) 
    Spelling Test (it sounds miserable, but your job is just finding the word that is spelled correctly) 


    When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.
       Click on the vowel team for a goofy video!
    silent e
    And we wouldn't want to forget the all-powerful silent e! 
    Silent e in jail? Really? 
    The Haunted House, starring Bill Cosby. 
    James Iglehart is a little less...ahem...retro. 

    ABCYa has several games that look like fun. Don't forget--playing a spelling game online is a great choice for spelling homework!