MATH is...  I often remind kids that almost everything we do in math is one of 3 things...
    It's often easy to get "lost" in the numbers and functions, but remember these 3 basics helps kids learn to solve more challenging and complicated problems... 

    ANGLES - Check out this Khan Academy resource to help learn how to measure angles!
    Angle basics: The naming of an angle is related to the line segments that create it. We'll also learn about the angle's vertex. Come on. Let's do this.

     Tangrams are great puzzles that challenge kids to use logic and spatial reasoning skills... It hones our skill of finding patterns!
    Here are a few sites with online versions of Tangrams...  
    PBS Kids - http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/math-games/tanagram-game/  
    Math Playground - 4-Piece Tangrams 

       - Open this document for directions on how to access the Parent Resources for MATH IN FOCUS 
    - Let's face it... the better we know our facts, the easier and faster we are able to work on more challenging AND more interesting math problems!
    - I strongly encourage ALL students to spend some time practicing your multiplication facts...
    THAT QUIZ! - This is a site where I can assign practice quizzes for the kids.  You'll need your school password to sign in!
     Check out the following sights for some good resources:
    Math Snacks -  I just saw this site... very cool idea... story and games blended to enrich understanding of concepts!
    - start with the 3rd grade multiplication and then move up to 4th grade when you're ready!
    - Check out the games with Number Bonds!