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    The Panther Marching Band is a flagship organization that continues to serve the entire Wallingford-Swarthmore Community. Haven's band is the largest in Pennsylvania and the second-largest Band in the country as it averages about 400 members. One third of all Strath Haven students perform in the Band, making it's impact on the local community very tangible! Mr. Jack Hontz, the founder of and visionary for the Panther Band, believed that every student should feel ownership and pride in their school community. To keep Mr. Hontz's legacy alive, the Band continues a positive culture of inclusion, learning, hard work, service, and committment to musical excellence. 

    Marching Band is a class offering that meets three times a week during the school day. In addition, students dedicate occasional evenings to rehearsals. Band student leadership meets for one week before Band Camp. The entire Pride of Haven joins the leaders in the last week of August for a fun, intense, and musically rewarding period of show preparation.

    The Band supports the Haven Football team and cheers the on the Silver, Black, and White. The Band performs at every home and away football game, in local parades, and in the Penncrest Festival of Bands exhibition show. 

    The Panther Marching Band honors its traditions as it looks to the future. Every instrumentalist and bandfront member wears a JH12 logo on their uniform, lead by a distinguished Junior who carries the JH12 flag. The JH12 logo, designed in the style of our Panther music note logo, is a constant reminder of Jack Hontz's miraculous work to build this program. Band members are honored to wear his initials and the number 12, signifying Jack's belief that the Band could be the 12th player on the football team by offering support and love for fellow students. Three student Drum Majors lead a team of about 70 students who command the Band in rehearsal and in performances.

    Mr. Nicholas Pignataro is the new Panther Band director who hopes to honor the Band's legacy and continue it's progress into the future. The Band continues under the tireless leadership of Assistant Band Director, Mr. Henry Pearlberg. 2018 marked the final season for Bandfront Director and visionary, Mrs. Fran Vernon. The Band also honored Mrs. Mary Hahn for her many years of work as Dance Time instructor. In addition to these four, the Band was also served by Mrs. Jennifer Lucas, Ms. Amanda Reynierse, Ms. Arya Boris, Ms. Deanna Herb, Mr. Gusten Rudolph, and Mr. Colin Tancredi.

    The 2019 Season welcomed new Bandfront staff members. Mrs. Kelly Caulfield serves as Bandfront Director. Mrs. Angela Wertner is Danceline Instructor. Dance Team is coached by Ms. Samantha Falzone. Ms. Arya Boris instructs the Silks.