• Basie Jazz Band

    Congratulations and welcome to the Basie Jazz Band!
    Rehearsals will take place after school every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:00 in Mr. McLaughlin's Room (C125).

    Click the links below for recordings of the tunes we will be playing this year:

    Mr. P.C.

    Coral Reef


    Riders on the Storm

    Please bring your instrument and music to ALL rehearsals!
    Here's is the list of tunes we will be performing this year.  Click on the title to hear a sample arrangement:

    Jazz Ensemble Set-Up
    Basie "BBall Blues" Head (Blues Scale=1 b3 4 #4/b5 5 b7 8):
    Alto & Baritone Sax:
    G Bb C Db D F G
    Tenor Sax, Trumpet & Clarinet:
    C Eb F Gb G Bb C
    Trombone, Flute & Rhythm Section:  
    Bb Db Eb E F Ab Bb
    Bball Keyboard
     Rockin' Strat