• Summer Reading and Math Resources


    Happy Summer! As you plan all the wonderful things you can do this summer, please plan some reading and math review so students can refresh and practice skills over the summer.


    For students who just completed Grade 5

    • Summer reading and math resources and requirements for students who just completed 5th grade (incoming 6th graders) can be accessed through the middle school website. Click here for the middle school summer resources and requirements page. [Click Here: Go to Middle School – Teacher WebPages – 6th Grade General Information.

    SUMMER READING: We encourage students to continue developing their skills through a daily reading habit over the summer. See below for elementary lists of recommended summer reading and a Summer Reading Log to track student success.  Select the grade level your child is entering. 


    • Encourage students to practice, but please know students should not feel pressured to complete every math problem provided in the review resources. See the links below. For math, select the grade your child just completed to access the appropriate review and practice material. 
    • Students should also practice their math facts over the summer. We provide a math facts practice log so students can set goals and track success. There is a weekly version and a summer version. You can consider which format works best for your child. Both are editable if you want to tailor or individualize goal-setting for your child.


    NOTE: To access the links below, you will need to login with the Math Packets username and password that was sent via eBlast.  This is not the same as the Parent/Student Portal password.  If you have questions, please contact your child's school.
    *Troubleshooting tip - You need to log out and back in for each child's grade level. You will get an error message if you do not log out first.