• SHHS Faculty and Staff Directory
    Main Phone: 610-892-3470
    Administrative Team
    Dr. Greg Hilden, Principal, ext. 2101
    Mrs. Andrea LaPira, Assistant Principal, ext. 2102 (Grade 12 discipline)
    Mr. Thomas McLaughlin, Assistant Principal, ext. 2106 (Grades 10/11 discipline)
    Mrs. Tabatha Duffy, Assistant Principal, ext. 2109 (Grade 9 discipline)

    Cafeteria Director: Ms. Kaitlyn Howell, ext. 2151

    Nurse: Ms. Deborah Sweeney, ext. 2141

    Attendance Office

    Ms. Erica Pintoff, Attendance Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Debbie Sweeney, Attendance Administrative Assistant, ext. 2108

    Main Office

    Mrs. Donna Rucker, Executive Administrative Assistant, ext. 2105

    Mrs. Doris Ford, Administrative Assistant, ext. 2100

    Mrs. Alice Short, Administrative Assistant, ext. 2104

    Counseling and Student Services

    Ms. Alexandria Allen, Communications Specialist, ext. 2124

    Mrs. Tanya Braithwaite, Psychologist, ext. 2121

    Ms. Elisa Clark, Counseling Administrative Assistant, ext. 2117

    Mrs. Debbie Seifrit, Administrative Assistant, ext. 2118

    Ms. Jocelyn Smith, Grade 9 Counselor, ext. 2111

    Ms. Robin Smith, Counselor, ext. 2112

    Mrs. Kristin Dunning, Counselor, ext. 2113

    Mrs. Jennifer Salvage, Counselor, ext. 2114

    Mr. Travis Edwards, Counselor, ext. 2119

    Athletic Office

    Mr. Patrick Clancy, Athletic Director, ext. 2180

    Mrs. Debbie Sherman, Athletic Administrative Assistant, ext. 2181

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