Virtual Field Trips with Google Earth
    Warm Up:
    Complete the following assignment
    Go to :http://assignments.discoveryeducation.com/
    Use the Code:
    The purpose of this course is to learn how to create a media-infused Google Earth Field Trip. You will select a topic or concept that you teach and develop a virtual field trip in Google Earth through which students will learn about various cultures, be exposed to different perspectives on a topic or engage in critical examination of a global challenge. Your project will integrate digital media assets from Discovery Education streaming including an assessment component.
    What your final project will include:
    • Home Placemark
      • This placemark, which begins at your school or hometown, will include directions about the purpose of your virtual field trip
    • Approximatly 4 additional placemarks that include:
      • Information about the topic or concept (combination of text and links to websites)
      • One or more images related to the topic or concept.
    • Intentional use of the Google Earth platform
      • At least one activity during your virtual field trip should take advantage of the affordances of Google Earth. For example, have the students use the ruler tool to measure distances or direct them to view additional layers for more information. ( May not be applicable for everyone)
    • Assessment component developed using the Discovery Education streaming Builders
      • Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder or Writing Prompt Builder