• "Got Organization?"
         The Student Control Journal is part of the FLYLADY system of organization.  The journal will help your child have a routine that will help keep them organized, get their homework done, and keep their room straightened.  Now don't laugh, it doesn't happen overnight but, by taking "baby steps", progress will be made.  The site is free and worth checking out for yourself and your children. *                
    The direct link to the Student Control Journal is below.
    Routines are VERY important!!
    Adjust them to fit your family's needs.
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    *Before you can organize and tidy your space you have to make sure it only contains items that bring you JOY, otherwise you are only moving piles of stuff around or trying to cram things into closets and drawers.  In order for that to happen to have to be willing to say "good-bye" to those items that no longer spark joy.  For information on how to focus on this way of tidying, refer to the Konmari Method and Marie Kondo's book entitled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.