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    Jenni & Matt Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm are the creators of award-winning and bestselling series such as Babymouse,   Squish, and the My First Comics series. Jennifer is also the New York Times-bestselling author of The Fourteenth Goldfish and several other highly acclaimed novels, including three Newbery Honor winners, Our Only May AmeliaPenny from Heaven, and Turtle in Paradise. Both still fight over who gets the good seat in the car.

    It’s inevitable: siblings fight. But sometimes those siblings grow up to collaborate on a book about siblings fighting. New York Times-bestselling duo Jennifer and Matthew Holm, creators of The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight, recall the things they fought over growing up — things that brothers and sisters still fight about today.

    Passage above written by Brightly:Raise Kids Who Love to Read

    Jenni & Matt


    11 Silly Things That Siblings Fight About

    by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

    • 1. The first piece of cake.

    Everyone knows that the first piece of cake is the best. Especially if it involves a frosting flower. All pieces after the first just don’t compare (even if they look exactly the same).

    • 2. Who has to sit in the middle seat in the car.

    Let’s face it — the middle seat is the worst. You end up getting smooshed by your siblings (who are enjoying their window seats). If you grew up during the time of the station wagon, the middle seat was also the “hump seat,” and you had to kind of straddle said hump, which was all sorts of wrong and uncomfortable.

    • 3. Who gets to sit in anyseat in the car.

    Shotgun! NO—I CALLED IT. You can’t just go in and take the seat. Wait — the back seat is better? I call back seat.

    • 4. Who has to empty the dishwasher.

    Emptying the dishwasher is boring. And finding places for all those cups and dishes in the cabinets? Very time-consuming. It cuts into time that could be spent watching YouTube.

    • 5. Who has to load the dishwasher.

    Pretty much the same deal as emptying, except everything is DIRTY now.

    • 6. Who has to tell Mom and Dad that they broke a glass when emptying or loading the dishwasher.

    In an effort to multitask (emptying/loading the dishwasher whilewatching YouTube), there will be an occasion in which something breaks. It should be the breaker of the glass who has to come clean to Mom and Dad, but quite often the witness to the breaking of the glass (aka the Tattler) gets to it first.

    • 7. Who left the wet towel on the floor of the bathroom.

    It is obvious that this is never ME. No, it’s not mine! It’s yours! Youfinally showered — I have gone days, so I know it is not mine (especially in the summer when swimming counts as washing off).

    • 8. Who gets to sleep with the cat (aw!).

    The cat loves me the best! No, he does not love you better!

    • 9. Who gets to feed the cat (ooooh!).

    This is why the cat loves me the best. If you had this job, our cat would starve.

    • 10. Who has to clean the litter box (ew!).

    That is so a job for you. I am too busy with my feeding-the-cat job.

    • 11. he last piece of cake.

    Because getting the last piece of frosted deliciousness makes you the best person in your entire family. And it allows you to chant about how you got the last piece and everyone else didn’t.

    image credit: Jennifer and Matthew Holm, also article above - 11 Silly Things That Siblings Fght About) Published by Brightly: Raise Kids Who Love to Read

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