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General School Information

Wallingford Elementary School
20 South Providence Road
Wallingford, PA 19086
                   Phone:     610-892-3470, ext. 4305 or
                       Fax:     610-891-0486
Attendance Phone:   610-565-7847
                    Nurse:     610-892-3470, ext. 4341
                          Principal:   Mr. Joshua Peterkin,
Secretary to the Principal:   Mrs. Norma Long,
                         Secretary:    Ms. Tanika Johnson,

Emergency School Closing:  If you have not done so, please sign up for Honeywell Instant Alert, the district's communication system to parents/guardians.  Here you can choose to be alerted by phone, email and/or text message.  If you signed up in the past, please make sure your most current information is up to date.

Number (used for KYW radio and television): 460

For School Closing Information:
  • Will be posted on the main district page by 5:45 a.m. (
  • KYW 1060 AM radio or
  • call KYW at 215-224-1060

Important Information
  • Wallingford Elementary School hours are 8:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • If your child will be late/absent from school, please be sure to phone the attendance line by 9:30 a.m.
  • You may reach the Wallingford-Swarthmore Emergency Hotline at  610-892-3411.
  • In the event of a two-hour delayed opening of school, the following schedule will apply.
Band Rehearsal  Cancelled
Orchestra RehearsalCancelled
WOE      10:00 a.m.
Student Council   Cancelled
Mr. Miller’s ActivitiesCancelled
Study Island    Cancelled
Foreign Language Cancelled

Wallingford Elementary School Rules

School rules are premised on three underpinnings of good citizenship: Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for One’s Surroundings. The rules are displayed throughout the school building. A detailed description of our school discipline policy, as well as a reiteration of the rules, is included in the school directory available to parents on Back-to-School Night.