Clue bag

    Clue Bags
    Clue Bags will be distributed at Back to school Night. Late September we will begin examining and sharing letters and their corresponding sounds. One of the activities that engages their letter/sound interest is sharing Clue Bags. Designated letters of the week can be found on the monthly calendars that will be secured on the inside of your child's folder. You should help support your child by looking around the house for something small that begins with the letter/sound of that particular week. During that week each student will be given an opportunity to share their clue bag with their classmates. Your child should be prepared to share three clues about the item in their bag. For example, it can be red, yellow, or green, and it is sweet, (an apple) for Aa week. If you do not have an item that begins with the letter of the week sound, your child may cut and paste a picture from a magazine or the computer, or even draw a picture to share with the class. Unfortunately, sometimes all of the bags cannot be shared by the end of Friday. In the event that happens, we will complete sharing Clue Bags of the prior sound before we begin the next letter/sound. Also, I know that we have letters in the English language that do not always follow the phonetic pronunciation. I also know it is great to share the curiosities of these anomalies with your children. However, having your child bring in a picture of a gnat for Gg week only adds to the confusion of the concept.  You will find your child loves this activity. It also encourages the children to take turns speaking and is a great way to learn about our classmates.
    -What should I do if my child loses or damages his/her Clue Bag?
    In the event your child loses his/her Clue Bag, you can send in any paper bag or recycled gift bag that can conceal the identity of the clue bag object.  Please make sure your child's name and morning or afternoon session is identified on the bag.

    -What if my child forgets his/her Clue Bag?
    Your child should bring in his/her Clue Bag as soon as he/she remembers it. Most Clue Bags are done on a weekly basis. Sometimes circumstances cause Clue Bags to be carried over into the following week. Ideally, all students will do Clue Bags for every letter of the alphabet.