• Sixth Grade Academic Integrity Form

  • If you are caught cheating on a quiz, test, or paper you will earn a ZERO as a grade. A zero can significantly affect your grade for the quarter.

    When taking a quiz or a test, you should do the following:

    • Keep your hands over your paper so others cannot see what you are writing
    • Keep your eyes on your OWN paper
    • Do not look at your notes, textbook, etc.

    The following are examples of cheating:

    • Looking at someone else's paper during the test or quiz
    • Using someone else's notes on a test
    • Letting someone else use your notes
    • Sharing quiz/test answers with someone taking the test later in the day
    • Letting someone look at your paper during a quiz or test
    • Plagiarizing words and text when writing a paper

    Your honor is at stake. Once you lose the trust of your teachers or peers, it is very difficult to earn back. The best way to avoid this is to… STUDY!! Take responsibility for your own success. It feels good. 


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