• Helpful Habits to Navigate 6th Grade!

  • Website Wonders

    • Our school’s website is constantly updated with important information.  Teachers will update their websites, there is always new information to be found, and you can find our Google homework link there.
    • The teachers on the 6th grade team utilize a Google document to post their homework assignments.  The link will be updated daily with homework and assignments.  However, students are asked to write down their homework in their agendas each day and to use the Google sheet as a backup.

    Power School

    • Power School is a powerful form of communication for all involved.  
    • Each parent and child should have a portal log in. If you cannot access your portal, please contact Derrick Clements for a reset at dclements@wssd.org
    • The link to Power School can be found on the school’s website. 
    • We suggest checking in weekly, as teachers update their grades at different speeds.  If something seems suspicious, please feel free to reach out to the pertinent teacher.  Please note that late work does generally take about a week to get updated.  

    Utilizing “Ninth” Period

    • All students are encouraged to stay after school with teachers on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Students are welcome to go to any of their teachers to seek extra help on those days.  This is a time when most students do stay, whether for extra help or a comfortable space to do homework.  Staying until 3:00 pm is a great habit for students of all abilities.
    • Additionally, clubs occur after school on Mondays-Thursdays.  Club meetings are announced during announcements twice a day and are listed on the TVs throughout the building.  Students are encouraged to join clubs and get involved!
    • If a student does want to stay after and doesn’t have a phone, the student can use a phone at school to call home.

    The Late Bus

    • Staying until 3:00 pm implies that students have to take the late bus. This is important because late bus numbers and routes are different than their normal AM/PM busses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Transportation at 610-892-3470 ext. 1701 (pdiaferio@wssd.org) 

    A Passport to Success - The Agenda!

    • The students should write down homework for all classes every single day. It is encouraged that agendas are checked at home as well as homework, as 6th graders often are unable to keep track of completing all assignments for all classes on a regular basis.  
    • Additionally, the agenda has information on school rules, the dress code, and our attendance policy.  Please take time to go through the agenda and direct any questions to a pertinent party at school. 

    Fall Conferences

    • Fall conferences occur the week of Thanksgiving.  The conference times are relatively limited given how many students are on each team. Therefore, you will hear from the respective team leaders if the team has decided it is best to have a conference for your child. If you do not hear from us, it is because we do not feel a conference is necessary at this time. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding!


    Helpful Phone Numbers/Contact Info

    Main Office: 610-892-3470 

    Mr. Stephen Krall, 6th Grade Administrator

    x 3102

    Ms. Danielle Bertoni, 6th Grade Guidance Counselor

    x 7106

    Ms. Susan Schmidt-Gillespie, School Nurse

    x 3104


    x 1701

    Food Services

    x 2151

    Team Leaders

    Mike Miller, Astros


    Bernadette Kutufaris, Comets


    Michaela Delsordo, Comets