Summer Fun Reading Newsletter
    Reading for fun
    How is your summer going??  It is time to think about reading for fun and relaxation.  Do you have a favorite author or series of books you enjoy reading??  Do you have a genre of book that you enjoy reading, for example fairy tales or adventure stories?  Time to get that particular book, sit and read. 
    Books take you to wherever you  want to go.  Books allow you to become the character and have cool adventures.  They take you to faraway lands, and you can meet many interesting people.  Books give you lots of ideas and new experiences.
    Choosing a Booksrs

    There are so many books out there from which to choose.  Where should I start?  Go back to your bookshelf at home and see if there are any books you have not read.  Look at the title.  Read the back cover.  Browse the pictures in the book.  Are you interested??  Or go to your local library and browse for a new title.  Talk to the librarian and ask if he/she can recommend a book for you.  If you are over at your friend's house and you notice a title that interests you, ask your friend if they want to trade books.  If your friend has already read the book, that's a great way to be able to discuss the book after you have finished reading.  

    Now how do you know if the book is just right for you to read?  When you choose a book, read the first page.  If you make 5 mistakes or less, the book is just right for you to read.  If you make more that 5 mistakes, you will need to read with an adult or an older brother or sister.  When you miss more that 5 words for every hundred, you more than likely will not be able to fully comprehend what you read.  Comprehending is the reason you read in order to be able to easily picture what is happening in your mind and obtain new information.
    Time to Discuss


    After you are finished reading it is always fun to discuss the story or new ideas you have learned with your friends or family.  Your parents or older siblings may have read the same books when they were younger.  Your friends may also have read the book, and you can all sit down and discuss what you enjoyed and learned. 
    Reading opens your mind to new ideas and understandings.  What do my friends think?  What have I learned?  Reading is exercise for your brain and leads to lots of social interactions.  Add more interest to your summer and READ!!!  Have fun.