• 6th Grade Math Supply List

  • 6th Grade Supply List - MATH (In-School)

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    • Separate BLACK Math binder (1 1/2 in. or 2 in.)
    • BLACK graph paper notebook (spiral bound) - we will be using this for our notes and homework. You may need to replenish throughout the year!
    • pencils and erasers (As a precaution, due to COVID-19, we will not be lending
      out materials)
    • 5 dividers with labels
    • 3-ring pencil pouch - large enough to hold calculator, ruler, pencils and erasers
    • TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator (see Calculator Requirements for image)
    • 6-inch ruler
    • headphones/earbuds (for use with Chromebook)

    **Please do NOT purchase loose-leaf paper for Math class. All of our work will be completed in pre-printed materials and/or your spiral notebook.**

    6th Grade Supply List - MATH (At-Home)

    • Paper (graph paper spiral notebook)
    • Pencils
    • Calculator (see above)