• 05/14/21


    Good morning,  Thanks for coming in for me today.  We are a chatty and respectful group here so you should enjoy your day.  I wasn’t planning on being out today so I apologize for the mess.


     Jackie Bodin, Kim Budner, Renee Strehle, or Liz Corson will stop by and help you get set up. Taryn McCafferty is across the hall.  Call me if you get stuck. 267-625-6008.  The Red Sub Folder that is usually on the desk was moved either to the top left desk drawer or mixed in the stacks below the Smartboard. (Things got moved around because I needed to make room to transfer our crickets into the bins on the windowsill. Sorry)  


    Check in with the office about logging in on the computer using the guest account.  I’ll post all of them on my website at www.wssd.org/e.mcelroy  (Sub Plans page) You will not be able to access the google classroom assignments formally.  


    The Smartboard is attached to the desktop computer and files will open automatically to it.  It is also set up so that you can drag Chrome back and forth from the desktop monitor to the smartboard when you want to show online materials.  (You’ll need to crane your neck and remember to bring Chrome back to the desktop before turning off the projector.)


    Students to be extra watchful for:

    Ryan - Diabetic - always have a walkie-talkie (on) when outside & make sure he checks in with the nurse before dismissal

    Kori - behavior chart (managed by Jackie Boden.)  Check in with her at the end of the day.


    8:45 - Students arrive & go over the agenda for the day.  Heidi to Ms. Boden

    9:00 - Intervention block: Take attendance.  Ezra will leave to take math PSSA make-up. (Liv should know where to go. She just did a make-up on Wednesday)  Students can play school appropriate games on Chromebooks to get “Math ready”

    9:15 - Kaila to Ms. Boden

    9:30 - Snack outside

    9:40 - Come back in for math

    9:45 - Math: Students can complete Study Island Post-Assessment then play math games from closet or on Chromebooks

    10:15 - Kaila & Adele to Boden

    10:45 -Reading: Critical Reading Books are located in blue bin under the rolltop desk under shelves.  You may allow students to pick their own or just randomly select for them.  Read & Answer questions in their reader’s notebook.   If you prefer to read aloud then have students answer, that is fine too.

    11:45 - Recess / Lunch

    12:30 - Drop items off at cubbies and escort students to Library

    1:10 - Pick up students  Kaila to Boden, Ella to Mr. Tony, Ezra & June to Seminar

    1:15 - 1:30 Mask break outside.  Normally, we go to the Sparrow House, but it may be in use by the Kindergarten students.

    1:45 -Writing:  One Cubic Foot (Google Classroom assignment)

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewm9L1pvcg0&t=5s 

    Link: https://naturalhistory.si.edu/education/teaching-resources/life-science/biocubes-exploring-biodiversity/biocube-home

    (Clipboards are in middle closet)

    2:15 -Writing: Heidi & Kori to Boden Shape poetry (Concrete poem)

    Online generator - make a leaf shaped poem using words and actions from One Cubic Foot assignment       https://www.poem-generator.org.uk/concrete/ 

    2:50 - Outdoor Social Time - We get the kickball field according to our regular schedule, but today is an earned extra recess day for the entire school.  Good luck finding a spot.  I will give our “extra recess” on Monday afternoon.

    3:15 Pack-up - Ask a student to feed the fish.

    3:25 Dismissal - please get students quiet to hear their call from the announcements.  Good luck with that too!