space camp

    Eric McElroy
    Elementary Education,
    Reading Specialist,
    Middle Years Math
    Google Certified Educator

    Walden University Online - Masters of Education w/ Specialization in Integrating Technology in the Classroom
    Wallingford-Swarthmore School District experiences:

    Current -

    Fifth Grade teacher (since 2013-14) 

    Previous -
    Gifted Coordinator (2 years)
    Fourth grade teacher (4 years)
    Third grade teacher (1 year)
    Teacher of Gifted (1/2 year)
    Summer School Teacher (2 years)
    Olweus Anti-Bullying Committee
    Technology Committee & Trainer
    Co-coordinator and A/V Specialist for All-School Meetings
    District Technology Vision Team
    Teaching Style:
    I love to use hands-on/minds-on activities whenever possible. I especially like to use projects found in the book 10 Ready-to-Go Book Report Projects because they were designed by teachers and detail-oriented. They contain graphic organizers to help plan the project and rubrics for assessments. Click the title for a view of its Table of Contents.
    I also pride myself on being a "flexible" teacher who uses differentiated instruction. If a lesson takes a turn away from the original plan, I will go with it as long as it will be beneficial and maintains students' interests. I also encourage students to change or modify lesson assignments to fit their learning styles and they, in turn, take ownership of their education.
    Prior experiences:
    Sixth grade, Gifted Resource shared between two schools, first grade, Extended School Care Site Director and Summer Camp Counselor, 4-H Daycamp instructor, substitute teacher for grades K-12, Reading and Math tutor, Manager for
    Discovery Zone Family Fun Fitness Center, Arcade Manager/Technician, Chuck E. Cheese Associate, Bank Teller, Penndot road repair crewman, Heating and Air-Conditioning assistant, promotions assistant for a radio station, and Supermarket clerk/office manager.
    *As you can see I have a rather large pool of experiences to draw from and each have helped to mold me into the person I am today. But how did it all get started?
    First Experience:
    When I was 10 years old, my parents enrolled me in karate classes to help boost my self-esteem and confidence. I became a part of something that none of my classmates were, and I flourished. I had received my first degree blackbelt when I was 14, second degree when I was 16, and third degree when I was 19. I began assisting children's classes even before my first blackbelt promotion. By the time I graduated high school, I was essentially teaching the beginner and advanced children's classes, training for myself in the advanced adults, and assisting the adult beginners.  
    Workshops and Trainings:
    Participated in over 1000 hours worth including, but not limited to, Space Camp for Educators, Pete&C Technology Conferences, GATE Conferences, Autism, Cultural Diversity, special needs children, Integrating Technology, Dealing with Difficult People,
    Learning Styles, Differentiated Instruction, Website development, Microsoft PowerPoint/Word/Excel/Outlook, Modifying and Adapting Instruction for Gifted Students, English Language Learners, Open-Ended Problem Solving Strategies
    “He created a classroom environment that allowed his students to become a community of learners focused on completing exciting projects and activities.”
    – Dr. Gary Davis, Former SRS Principal
    "Going back a few years here (Maddie's in 10th grade this year), but we were talking about favorite teachers over dinner last night, and Maddie belted out "Mr. Mac!" without a second of hesitation. Ben (who had you just for math) agreed. They both mentioned your enthusiasm for learning, how much you liked "rolling with the moment", and how much fun you seemed to be having interacting with your kids. I always was impressed with your ability to foster curiosity in them, and to make learning naturally fun."
    - Email from Meredith Flowers, parent (I was Maddie's teacher in 4th grade.)