• Enviro-Fair Project

    Dear Parents,

              This year we will be learning about the importance of protecting our environment.  During guided reading instruction we will learn about the accomplishments of Rachael Carson.  Ms. Carson was a Pennsylvania native who was passionate about the state of the environment and its future health.

              In honor of this innovative, environmental scientist, each student in our class will research a current environmental issue that is plaguing our land, water, air, and/or personal health.  Each student will create a display board and present these issues to the public (other SRS classes, parents, and teachers) at the ENVIRO-FAIR.  The fair will take place on June (tba), in the SRS Dining Room.

              A rough draft of your questions & answers should be written on on the enclosed “Rough Draft Outline.”   The “Rough Draft Outline” is due on (tba) The final display board should be brought to school 2 days before the fair on (TBA).   Attached is a project description which includes specific directions for students, a list of possible topics, as well as a copy of the grading rubric that will be used to assess student projects.  I have also included a page that will assist students with their bibliography.






    Directions for Students:

    After selecting an environmental issue to research, one that you feel passionate about, you will begin searching for answers to the questions below, as well as any other questions that you would like to explore.  After you have prepared well-written, intelligent answers to the research questions, you will create a presentation on a display board, which you will display at our Enviro-Fair.


    Main Research Questions:

    1)              What is the problem?

    2)              What is currently being done to solve this problem?

    3)              How do you personally feel about the issue?

    4)              What can we do to help?


    Poster Components

    1)  Neatly, organized, colorful, eye-catching poster layout (use at least a 16 font and double space)

    2)  Clear answers to each research question in separate areas of the poster

    3)  Pictures, charts, statistical graphs related to your topic

    4)  Have the title of your project, every important heading, and your name in large, neat, colorful letters

    5)  A Bibliography page on the back side of the display board



    List of Possible Topics:


    1)              air quality

    2)              hazardous waste

    3)              lead contamination

    4)              mold contamination

    5)              oil spills

    6)              pesticides

    7)              acid rain

    8)              the protection of endangered or threatened species

    9)              power plant emissions

    10)        mercury pollution (especially in fish)

    11)        toxic waste sites

    12)        car emissions

    13)        water quality

    14)        nuclear contamination

    15)        GMO’s genetically-modified organisms)

    16)        Global warming

    17)        Animal habitat conservation

    18)        Invasive species

    19)        Second-hand smoke

    20)        Recycling

    21)        Energy conservation

    22)        Decreasing our dependency on oil

    23)        Hybrid cars vs. traditional cars

    24)        Wetland destruction