• srs Language Arts

    Reading Street
    Scott Foresman Reading Street is designed
    to build readers through motivating and engaging literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a wealth of reliable tools.  Reading Street prioritizes skill
    instruction at each grade level, so
    students will focus on the right reading skill, at the right time.  Students work on
    building concepts and background knowledge, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension skills and strategies, and grammar.

    Read Aloud
    Listening to literature develops good listening habits, builds vocabulary, models fluency and expression and encourages a love of stories.  Students listen to a
    variety of literature and genres throughout the year.  Although your child is beginning to read or is a strong reader already, it is very important to continue to read aloud to your
    child at home.

    Word Wall
     Word wall words are high frequency words which are added to a special wall in our classroom.  Word wall words will be added each week and are
    listed on the  It is my hope that students
    will learn to read AND spell the words.

    Writing Workshop
     First grade students participate in a daily writing workshop.  Throughout the year, the children learn the writing process including pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.  Students write across multiple
    genres including personal narratives, persuasive, research, and poetry.
    Guided Reading
     Students meet each day with the
    teacher in a small group setting. 
    During this time, we read stories, 
    practice active reading strategies to decode unknown words, review and practice phonetic skills, build phonemic awareness and develop good comprehension

    Independent Reading
     Students are provided time for
    self selected, independent reading.
     We directly teach children how to
    pick "good fit" books so they are
    reading at their appropriate reading

    Working with Words
     Word work is a vital part of first grade.
     Children learn how to decode words,
    manipulate sounds, and make meaningful connections between words.  We work
    with all vowel sounds and vowe
    l combinations,  consonant blends
    and clusters, synonyms, antonyms,
    compound words,
    prefixes, and suffixes.

    Spelling is aligned with our
    reading street program.  
    Weekly spelling lists will focus
    on a particular phonetic skill.  
    Students are also expected
    to learn how to spell high
    frequency words.