• Scholastic Book Club Orders

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    You can now place your
    Scholastic Book Club orders online!

    Browse all the great monthly Club selections at low prices and order online. Plus, our class earns a FREE book every time a parent orders online.

    Here's how it works:


    1.           Use the information below to access the Scholastic Book Clubs Web site.
    2.           Browse the titles with your child, and place your order with your credit card.
    3.           Your order will come to me, and your credit card payment will go directly to Scholastic's secure server.  There's no need to send money to school.
    4.           After I submit the entire class's order to Scholastic, your order will be delivered to our classroom for your child to take home.


    Code: HQQRT
    Ordering online is the most convenient way to use Scholastic Book Clubs. You can order anytime, right up until the online order due date. You'll also get instant access to over 500 additional titles plus online-only specials and discounts.

    And don't forget: Every time a parent places an order online, we earn a FREE book for our classroom library!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    A paper copy of the Scholastic book club order forms are also sent home monthly in the home folder.  Browse through the catalogs with your child, and if you would like to purchase books, you have two options: order online or send to school the order form on the back of the catalogs and a check payable to Scholastic Books.