Room 206's Word Wall Words

    Word wall words are high frequency words.  Learning to read, write, and spell high frequency words is one of the most important skills.  Below are the words that will be on our wall this year.  The words in red are the words we have learned up to this point and are currently found on our class word wall:
    Unit R
    Week 1:  I     see     a     green
    Week 2: we     like     the     one
    Week 3: look     do     you     was     yellow 
    Week 4: they     have     two     that     are
    Week 5: is     he     three     with     to
    Week 6: where     go     here     for     me
    Unit 1
    Week 7: my     come     way     on     in
    Week 8: she     take     what     up
    Week 9: blue     little     from     use     get     help
    Week 10: eat     four     five     her     this     too
    Week 11: saw     tree     your     small
    Week 12: home     many     them     into
    Unit 2
    Week 13: said     want     good     catch     no     put
    Week 14: be    could   horse   of   old   paper
    Week 15: live   out   people   who   work
    Week 16: down   inside   now   there   together
    Week 17: around   find   food   grow   under   water
    Week 18: also   family   new   other   some   their 
    Unit 3
    Week 19: always   become   day   everything   nothing   stays   things   
    Week 20: any   enough   ever   every   own   sure   were
    Week 21: away   car   friends   house   our   school   very
    Week 22: afraid   again   few   how   read   soon
    Week 23: done   know   push   visit   wait
    Week 24: before   does   good-bye   oh   right   won't
    Unit 4
    Week 25: about   enjoy   gives   surprise   worry   would
    Week 26: colors   draw   drew   great   over  show
    Week 27: found   mouth   once   took   wild
    Week 28: above   eight   laugh   moon   touch
    Week 29: picture   remember   room   stood   thought
    Week 30: across   because   dance   only   opened   shoes   told

    Unit 5
    Week 31: along   behind   eyes   never   pulling   toward
    Week 32: door   loved   should   wood
    Week 33: among   another   instead   none
    Week 34: against   goes   heavy   kinds   today
    Week 35: built   early   learn   science   through
    Week 36: answered   carry   different   poor