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         Homework has many purposes for elementary school children. It serves as an opportunity for children to practice many of the concepts and skills that we cover in class. Homework also provides parents a window into the content that we are exploring in school. Finally, homework gives children the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility for managing assignments between home and school.
    Expectations for Students
        Students write down their assignments each day. When homework is distributed, they are responsible for checking their folders to insure that they have what they need. The next day, students bring their homework in to class and place it in the proper basket.
    Expectations for Parents
        My recommendation for parents is to become as involved in their child's homework as your child will permit. (Children differ with respect to how much they want their parents involved with their homework.) At the minimum, you can help by providing a quiet, organized place for them to work and remind them that they need to do their homework. In addition to the assignments that are given daily, you can also help them practice spelling words and math facts. You can also take frequent trips to the library to keep them well supplied with reading books.
    General Homework Outline
          The following outline describes our usual homework schedule. This schedule is subject to change from time to time, but the children will always be told what the changes are.
    Monday - Spelling sentences, Math assignment
    Tuesday - Writing activity, Math assignment, Study spelling words
    Wednesday - Sight word task, Math assignment, Study spelling words
    Thursday - Word study task, Math assignment, Study for spelling tests
    In addition, each child is expected to read for at least 30 minutes each day in a book of their choice (one reading time over the weekend) and to practice math facts several times during the week.