Tumblebooks are available through both the SRS library and the Delaware County Library System. Click the link below to access the Tumblebooks website. For the Delaware County Library System go to delcolibraries.org and scroll down the page. You will see the link to Tumblebooks about half-way down.   
    TumbleBooks are easy to use. To read e-books yourself, turn off the sound and read at your own speed. Click on the “Manual” button to turn the pages. When you click on the “Auto” button, the pages turn by themselves and the book is narrated.

    The Tumblebook Library contains a collection of almost 200 animated talking picture books written by award winning authors in the "Storybook" section.

    There is also a "Non Fiction" section, as well as Early Readers, Chapter Books, and Classics in the “Read-Along” section.


    TumbleBooks Website