Helen Mangelsdorf
    Email Address: hmangelsdorf@wssd.org
    610-892-3470 x 4505
    Helen at Sink

    I began teaching here in 1996. As a graduate of Swarthmore High School, I was honored to be able to work in the community I had grown up in, and follow in the footsteps of the many outstanding teachers I had as a young person.
    I received my MA in Art Education after a 12-year career at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum; so in addition to my training as a visual artist, I also have a background in Art History and Conservation. I continue to practice and exhibit as a professional visual artist.
    I am dedicated to the belief that children are fully capable of understanding and implementing complex visual concepts. My goal is to break down the concepts in ways that skills are sequentially learned. I am particularly excited by the importance  I feel in passing to the next generation, the hand skills which have defined us as human beings throughout our history. It is my belief that these skills are fundamental to fully develop intellectually; and that an understanding of these skills informs our comprehension of the history of human development.