• Student of the Week!

    For one week during the school year, every child in our class with be Student of the Week. This is an added opportunity for each child to “shine” and be star of the class. Please refer to the schedule which was sent home. I will also remind your child the week before it is his/her special week!
    Student of the Week is a great way for the class to get to know each other better as the year progresses. Your child will be responsible for making and presenting a display about himself or herself which will hang in the classroom for one week. Your child will also get to read a book to the class on Friday afternoon!

    Guidelines for the display:

    *Please use poster-board (not foam board) to create display.

    *To the extent possible, students should create this display. Parents may help if necessary. Encourage your child to plan their display,and to be creative!

    * You may include photos, drawings, awards, certificates, etc.

    *Displays may include information about your child’s family, hobbies, and “favorites” (favorite food, favorite book, favorite sport etc.)

    In addition to the poster-board display, students may bring in up to 3 items from home which they would like to share with the class. Please put your child’s name on anything brought into school!

    Finally, you are welcome to send in a special snack to mark the end of your child’s week as Student of the Week. You do not need to let me know if you are sending in a snack.

    Have a good time with this!