• Top Dog           cadence            

    Dear Parents,


    For one week during the school year, your child will be the "Top Dog".  This is a chance to highlight the interests and talents of the children as individuals. Below is the randomly selected schedule for each child"s week.

    Top Dog is a great way for the class and me to get to know the children better.  This rapport is what allows the Tribe to develop and group cohesion to form.  I would like the children to be able to display some of their prized possessions and awards.  Other commonly displayed things are photographs, drawings and illustrations, baseball cards, sports collectibles, dolls, special books, trophies, certificates, etc.

    Some children, with the help of their parents, have created poster boards displaying pictures, etc.  This is simply an idea, not the expectation.  The more ownership your child has in preparing the items to display, the more meaningful the experience becomes.

    On Friday we will meet as a Tribe to have the Top Dog share with us their treasures.  Healthy snacks are welcomed; however, they are not necessary.  Unfortunately, due to allergies and other factors, pets are not possible to be brought into school.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Thank you,

    Dan Dudrick
    Top Dog Dates 19-20