• Student of the Week!
        The student-of-the-week will be selected on Fridays to highlight the excellent effort, improvement, and/or overall excellence of one student in particular.  Due to the nature of having only one student per week, the children understand that if they are not selected early in the process, it is NOT reflective of them not doing well, simply the process.  
       The student-of-the-week is different from the Top Dog.  Top Dog is randomly selected as a "Show-and-Tell" type of activity, whereas, student-of-the-week is designed to reinforce excellent effort, improvement, progress, etc.  Each Friday, the students organize their desk belonging and wipe the tops clean.  During this time, the student-of-the-week will be given the choice/chance to "move into" the color camo desk.
    Aidan Sutherland # 18 (Week of May 12-16)
    Student of the Week 16
    Jaden Jauregui # 12 (Week of April 7-11)
    Student of the Week 12  
    Kestian Orsetti # 14 (Week of March 17-21)
    Student of the Week 14  
    Amy Prendergast # 7 (Week of March 3-7)
    Student of the Week 7
    Ryan Weinberg # 17 (Week of Feb 10-14)
    Student of the Week 17
    Jade Kowal # 5 (Week of Jan 13-17)
    Student of the Week 4  
     Anna Laubscher # 5 (Week of Jan 6-10)
    Student of the Week 5
    Michael Gallo # 11 (Week of Dec 16-20)
     Student of the Week 11
    Joe Natale # 13 (Week of Dec 9-13) 
     Student of the Week 13.jpg
    Hailey Vandergrift #9 (Week of Dec 2-6) 
     Student of the Week 9.jpg
    Julia Knapp #3 (Week of Nov 18-22) 
    Student of the Week 3.jpg  
    Eddie Tevlin #18 (Week of Nov 11-15) 
     Student of the Week 18.jpg
    Isaac Kennedy #19 (Week of Oct 28-Nov 1) 
    Sofia Phillips #6 (Week of Oct 21-25) 
    Student of the Week 6
    Kalli Dewees #15 (Week of Oct 14-18) 
    Alex Pak #15 (Week of Oct 7-11) 
    Student of the Week 15.jpg
    Sarah He #2 (Week of Sept 29- Oct 4) 
    Ani Smith # 8 (Week of September 23-27) 
    Student of the Week 8.jpg