When I do my reading homework, I should use active reading strategies.



    1.      So I can understand what I read.

    2.    So I can learn and do well in school

    3.    So I will make fewer mistakes and I will not have to feel frustrated or confused

    4.    So I can feel proud and find out what I can do when I try my best!


    During Reading:



            Write down tricky words on sticky notes

            When you find a tricky word:  Try to sound it out.  Ask someone!  What is this word? What does it mean?


    Steps to Success during Reading:

    1.      Read title, picture walk, think, predict

    2.    Track, whisper-read, read carefully, find tricky words, sound out words, ask someone about tricky words, write down words on sticky notes

    3.    Re-read for fluency practice and better understanding; practice good expression and pay attention to punctuation

    4.    If there are questions that you need to answer:  read the questions, think about what you need to find out

    5.    Re-read (whisper-read and track) and think about the key words from the questions

    6.    Answer the questions:  Find Proof whenever you can!