Not all students will receive homework from me.  If you do receive homework from me, it may look like the following:
    Reading:  Please read for approximately 15 minutes every night.  A reading book will be sent home in the homework folder.  A comprehension worksheet may be sent home on Wednesday and Thursday each week. 



    Spelling:  A new spelling list will be given on Monday along with a Spelling packet.  Please do not work ahead in the packet - the purpose of the packet is to give your child nightly practice with their spelling words.  Detailed directions are given for Monday: 3 times each; Tuesday: "Buggy Words"; Wednesday:  sentences - see directions on the page for the number of sentences to be written; and Thursday:  practice test.  Spelling tests are typically given at the end of the week, but may fall on a different day.  The results of your child's spelling test will be recorded on their homework log sheet and sent home on Friday each week (unless the spelling test is taken on a different day).



    Writing:  Some students will receive a Homework Response Journal that has a list of questions for each week.  Please answer one question per night.  All answers should be written in complete sentences.



    Math:  A math worksheet will be sent home each evening.  This worksheet covers skills we worked on in class that day.  In addition to this worksheet, a math facts addition, subtraction or multiplication page will also be included each evening.  This is valuable practice for your child to become automatic with facts.